EMPLOYMENT & Education

Employment & Education

We have established partnerships with mining proponents, recruitment companies, and private companies to create employment pathways and opportunities for Barada Barna People.

Assist with the establishment of employment, training and grants management role within the corporation.

Establishment of bursary and scholarship programs for our people with funding provided mining companies through our negotiations.

We now have an employment committee that has been set up to look after all the employment needs of our people.


3BM Group

3BM Group (3BM) is a majority indigenous owned mining services contractor with exceptional knowledge and experience in the mining industry. This enables 3BM to attend activities associated with the progressive rehabilitation cycle of disturbed areas in and around mining, oil, gas and construction sites.

3BM founding partners, Steve Fordham, Graeme Weeks and Scott Winter, have 10+ years experience in contract services and a combined 65+ years experience in the resources sector.

3BM Purpose

3BM’s core purpose is to build capability in the communities by supporting the development of local indigenous people and businesses, as well as generating new opportunities for growth.



We are pleased to announce that we have our first piece of machinery on a mine site.

Our 30 tonne Excavator or digger is now onsite at BMC Poitrel Coal Mine and is working hard moving dirt.

We plan to have more machinery on mine sites soon to help diversify our income streams. 

Aspirational Projects

The Directors, have designed with the assistance of architects and believe the following projects will create a greater footprint for Barada Barna People in the wider community.

1. Upgrade to Bidgerley (Pink Lilly Lagoon)

Bidgerley is located within ML 70131 and is well known to the Barada Barna People, who have been using this site as a cultural centre and keeping place. 

Unfortunately, the site is in much need of repair and maintenance due to flooding. 

It has been the aspiration of the Board to make this a known Cultural Heritage Centre for the region and to do so and upgrades have been sought.


Upgrades to Bidgerley would include:

• Upgrade to existing toilets & installation of accessible toilet
• Installation of septic tank
• Major maintenance/ replacement of pedestrian bridges
• Installation of 12x9m common area building
• Installation of 9x9m store room for scar trees
• Installation of new mains to site, including switchboard, submains, electrical pits, generator & security lighting
• Addition of concrete paths
• Furniture for common area (desks, chairs, whiteboards, smart TV)
• Signage
• Upgrade of walking tracks and bridges
• Plan to build quarries, camp & ceremonial areas around the lagoon
• Install fencing to keep out feral animals


• As the Cultural Centre, the Directors have plans to make it a destination for Barada Barna children and children from schools throughout the region. The Board have commenced talks with local schools to incorporate visits into their curriculum.
• This facility provides an opportunity to display Barada Barna culture with pride and share it with all Barada Barna People, and the wider community. The facility would also provide a venue for potential youth forums and elders trips.
• In the future, there may also be an opportunity for it to become a tourist destination which will provide an income stream back to the Corporation.
• The Directors have also negotiated a licence to access the land for the life of the mine without requiring consent from the South Walker Creek Mine.
• At the end of the life of the mine, it has also been agreed with BMC that the land will be subdivided and transferred to the Corporation.

2. Upgrade of Accommodation for Cultural Heritage Workers

Johnsons Road, Nebo was previously used as accommodation for Cultural Heritage workers when conducting surveys. The accommodation was in need of repair and the Council advised that it could no longer be used as accommodation. 

Without Johnson Road, Nebo functioning as accommodation for Cultural Heritage workers the Directors needed to find suitable accommodation for workers who have been staying in mining camps in the interim.
Moranbah (pictured right) was chosen because of its close proximity to the mines where Cultural Heritage Surveys are being conducted and because land is already held by the Corporation from previous agreements.

Naumann St, Moranbah

The land held by the Corporation is located at Naumann Street, Moranbah. The Directors have designed an accommodation complex for workers, as well as a keeping place, and requested that this be included as a benefit for the consents being provided for the South Walker Creek Mine. 

3. Upgrades to Frank & Norm’s Place, Johnsons Rd, Nebo

The Directors have always had an aspiration to provide assistance to Barada Barna youth who are troubled or disadvantaged, and provide a safe and peaceful place where they could get professional counselling and any other help that they require.

The centre will provide many services, including mental health, sexual health, Elders support and mentoring.

Now that Johnsons Rd, Nebo will no longer be used as accommodation for Cultural Heritage workers, the Directors envisage that this facility will be that place and have redesigned the property for that purpose (upgrade pictured right) .

The upgrading and rebuilding of this centre is the first step in the process, and once completed it is proposed that government grants and mining sponsorship be requested to fund the operation of the facility.

Upgrades to the Johnsons Road property will include:

• Refurbishment of the existing building, kitchen/dining, concrete water tank, outdoor open area
• Demolition of the existing residence, 3 x 3 bedroom accommodation, multipurpose shed, laundry building, caravan
• Installation of 4 x 3 bed accommodation, 2 x plastic water tanks, toilet block, 12 x carports, covered walkways, signage
• New caretakers residence (old one had to be demolished)
• Convert 1 x 4 bedroom accommodation to a laundry
• Furnishings

Future Projects

The Directors also sought further funding for additional future Capital Works projects, including: 

Establishment of a gym facility in Moranbah on a block of land already owned by the Corporation in O’Neill Street, Moranbah; or further development of the Naumann Street property (Stage 2) that would include 6 x 3 bedroom accommodation units that could be utilised by Barada Barna families living and working in the Moranbah region.

Both of these projects would provide a further income stream back to the Corporation to support the Socio Policy and other Barada Barna programs. Both projects also utilise existing properties owned by the Barada Barna People received as compensation in previous negotiations.

O’Neill Street, Moranbah

Establishment of a gym facility at O’Neill Street, Moranbah.

Naumann Street property (Stage 2)

Establishment of 6 x 3 bedroom accommodation units at the Naumann Street property.


Barada Barna Aboriginal Corporation’s nominated Cultural Heritage Body is Winnaa Pty Ltd.

Winna employs Barada Barna descendants to conduct cultural heritage surveys, clearances and various other work.

With over 20 mining, gas and exploration tenements on our country we are quite busy trying to keep all these companies in line with the Cultural Heritage Act 2003.

We use Everick Heritage Pty Ltd as our technical advisors whenever we need expert advice and guidance on difficult matters.