Our directors



Apical Ancestor: Lucy Ross

Niccy is passionate about both rugby league and rugby union coaching, in addition to having a diverse taste in music. Her biggest wish is to travel back in time to sit with her mother and ancestors, immersing herself in their wisdom and experiences. In her spare time, Niccy enjoys the thrill of coaching and sharing her expertise with others, making a positive impact in their lives.


Vice-Chairperson & Project Manager Cultural Heritage

Apical Ancestor: Charlie Budby

Luarna’s a musical maven, jamming out to hip hop, easy listening, and classic country. She’s also deeply rooted in her heritage and dreams of time-traveling to Barada Barna country in 1920 to connect with her ancestors, learn her culture and language, and gain a greater sense of self.



Apical Ancestor: Lizzy Payne

Lindsey’s interests encompass a diverse range of activities, from spending quality time with his family to indulging in the art of low and slow BBQ, all the way to being an avid follower of endurance sports. His professional background lies in the field of information technology, and Lindsey intends to make significant strides in implementing and optimising organisational systems.



Apical Ancestor: Maggie Barker

Nicholas Brown

Director & Employment Committee  

Apical Ancestor: Lizzy Payne

Nicholas loves country music, and he’s also fascinated by the music, fashion, and culture of the 70’s and 80’s. He wishes he could travel back in time to experience it all firsthand and soak up the nostalgia. With his passion for country tunes and his admiration for the good old days, Nicholas is a true retro enthusiast.


Director & Art Committee

Apical Ancestor: Lucy Ross

Mel is a fan of country and gospel music, and she loves expressing her culture through art. She’s also a proud mother to eight children and four grandchildren, which brings her immense joy. Through her passions for music and art, Mel celebrates her heritage and the values she holds dear, while also cherishing the family that she loves so much.

graham budby

Director & Project Manager Cultural Heritage Mapping

Apical Ancestor: Polly ” Mary”

Graham loves a range of music genres, from hip hop and heavy metal to pop and country. Yet his ultimate wish is to journey back to the dreamtime and unite with his ancestors. He’s eager to absorb their insights and teachings and honor their legacy. Music and culture form an essential part of Graham’s identity, and he treasures them wholeheartedly.



Apical Ancestor: Lucy Ross

The Common Law Holders comprise all the descendants of:

Bob Lotus
Lizzy Payne
Daisy (wife of Booya McDonald)
Maggie (wife of Toby Barker/Peter Darwin/ Michael Angus)
“Polly” Mary (wife of Robert Noble & Bert Fox)
Lizzie (wife of Paddy Flynn)
Polly (wife of Thomas Mitchell)
Lucy Ross
Laura (wife of Duke/George Barker, Neddy/Teddy Sauney/Adam Bowen)
Charles Budby (father of George “Salt Bush” Budby)