3BB Operations Manager

Posted 10 months ago

Responsible for the planning and safe execution of the service provision contracts of 3BB Contracting Pty Ltd.  This may include the service provision contracts of other entities that 3BB Contracting advises from time to time.

It is recognised that the “Responsibilities” of the role may vary as the work on hand and in the development pipeline varies.  Any changes will be discussed and reasonably agreed by the Board.

The interface with the 3BB Australia Managing Director is critical.  In general all tasks required to tender for and execute a project are the responsibility of this role.

Job Title: Operations Manager
Location: Projects, Office & Project sites
Reports To: 3BB Contracting  Board of Directors


  • Safe and Efficient Operations
    • Lead and manage the work in accordance with internal 3BB Policies, the relevant mining legislation and SHMS for 3BB and client operations as required
    • Lead a team and ensure personnel adhere to the compliance requirements and also support the development of a safe and efficient working culture
    • Ensure the project remains compliant from a labour and equipment perspective – manage the various systems site has in order to track the compliance.
  • Contract tendering
    • Management of contract tendering processes and resources used to do this
    • Recommendation of pricing and execution strategy that is consistent with agreed risk profile
    • Provision of final estimates to be submitted for tenders
    • Co-ordination of other plans and processes required to be submitted as part of the tendering process
  • Resource & Risk Management
    • Co-ordination of risk assessment with 3BB Board for jobs where tenders are submitted
    • Sourcing of equipment and resources required to execute successful tenders
    • Recommendation of financing options for equipment that are consistent with risk profile of each project
    • Ensuring adequate maintenance resources are captured in the resourcing plan for each project
  • Operations management
    • Lead and manage the resources required to mobilise and execute the operations for the various projects 3BB is executing.
      Develop reporting and assessment tools to understand potential variance of scope or performance relative to tendered assumptions
    • Monitoring of mitigation plans developed in the risk assessment process for each project
    • Manage the overall performance and delivery of the projects delivery teams.
  • Client
    • Liase with the client for project related meetings and any other requirements the client has.
    • Attend and participate in any client related safety or other training, risk assessments or incident reviews as required.
  • Systems
    • Recommendations for system development required for existing or tendered contracts.
    • Board may outsource or provide resources for internal development
  • Human Resources
    • Recommendation to board of resources required for execution of responsibilities, with these likely to vary considerably depending on the work on hand
    • Management of the human resources used to execute responsibility of the role.
  • Contract Execution
    • Provision of mobilisation and contract execution plans to implement once successful in securing a contract
    • Liaising with the Board on potential contract execution risks and recommendation of mitigants
  • Financial reporting
    • Provision of rates and other financial inputs as per awarded contracts for use in claim process
    • Provision of inputs for cost control reporting
    • Prepare and communicate the financial performance of the business.
  • Continuous improvement
    • Implement a culture of performance and continuous improvement.
  • Roster & Hours
    • Full time
    • Weekdays with standard public holidays, however flexibility will required during tendering and ramp up periods
  • Close Date: 11th August 2023

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